Monday, 27 May 2013

Super Seaside

What a truly ace weekend we've had. Yesterday was spent picnicking and playing in the garden all day long with great friends. And Saturday, oh Saturday. How we'll remember you for a long time. We awoke with no plans for the day. 'What do we fancy doing?' we asked. The weather was sunny and warm, so how about a trip to Weston-Super-Mare? Within the hour, we were up, breakfasted, dressed, packed and on the road, taking the winding, scenic route from Bath to the coast through picture perfect villages and over lush green hills.
I'd never been to Weston-Super-Mare before. We've visited Clevedon a number of times but never it's Seaside town cousin. It appeared to us, through sun soaked spectacles, to have the perfect blend of soft sandy beaches that go on for miles with just the right amount of seaside kitsch. We were able to dip into all the wonderfully tacky arcade-fuelled craziness, before retreating far away up the prom to an almost deserted stretch of golden beach, where we took shelter from the cool breeze in a little tent, and B spent about two hours rolling around on the warm, soft sand whilst Mr B built sandcastles and I took industrial quantities of photos and read the Guardian.
Our day was packed full of all the perfect seaside activities. A ride on the carousel, Fish and Chips eaten with little wooden forks, a walk along the prom, a stroll up the pier, meeting the donkeys, eating ice creams really fast before they melted down our arms, feeling the sand between our toes and building sand castles. B opted for a ride in a little train pulled by a shire horse rather than a donkey ride.

As the sun started to go down, we packed up and poured bucket loads of sand out of every crevice of B's clothes and body! Then we drove home to eat hot chicken sandwiches and glow with sun soaked skin.