Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Memories in Thread

This is my little sister and I, in a camper van on the Welsh coast eating hula hoops and looking scarily similar to how little B now looks. My darling sister turned 30 in April and for her birthday, I sewed her up a very special quilt. This quilt has been 3 years in the making. It's not been a continuous effort - I had an initial frenzy of paper piecing hexagons. Then a baby and life got in the way, and I picked up my quilt making efforts with fervour earlier this year. [please forgive the photos below - they were all taken on my phone after I dropped our fancy camera and broke the focus!].
The inspiration for this quilt is fabric which I collected from our beloved Nan's house after she passed away. The white cotton covered in little pink roses was a duvet which always graced her bed - a bed that us two girls often climbed into, a place where we snuggled down in the warmth of an electric blanket and our Nan's deep love, to watch episodes of Coronation Street and to see the New Year in when our Mum was having a well deserved night out. This rose patterned fabric became to backing and edging for the quilt, as well as being scattered through the top layer.
Other plain pink fabrics from our Nan's also went into the quilt, along with the fabric my sister wore as a bridesmaid at my wedding, and a pale plain blue which was once curtains belonging to our Great-Grandparents. Mixed in to these memories in thread are a wonderful array of modern cottons.
Determined to get the quilt finished in time for her surprise party, I kept the quilt a kind of long thin strip so that it can be placed as a runner over the end of her bed. Here's B helping to flatten it out with his toy Dyson. Paper piecing an entire quilt is quite a challenge and so I'm sure I'll only ever attempt a handful of them in my life (and maybe finish the one I started for B two years ago). But my sister is a truly wonderful, talented person and so special to me. I'm so proud of her and so I poured love into every stitch and I wish her a very happy 30th birthday.


  1. that is such a lovely idea, and a great way to remember special memories.

  2. What a gorgeous quilt and so full of memories :)

  3. A dreamy quilt with such lovely fabrics. I do love hexies! What a lucky duck your sis is...

  4. What a wonderful gift of love.

  5. I am indeed a lucky duck! This beautiful quilt is now keeping the bottom of my bed beautiful and I love admiring it's beauty when putting it straight every morning!
    I'm so lucky to have such a thoughtful and loving sister as you little peach :) lovelovelove you to the moon and back xxx