Wednesday, 1 May 2013

High Five

I was pleased as punch recently to find that both the lovely Abigail and the lovely Alexis had given me a Liebster Award. It's liking having a virtual high five from another corner of the internet. The idea is to answer some questions posed by Abigail and Alexis, then pass the award on to some blogs I love with new questions for them. There's something wonderfully retro about all this, reminding me of the innocent days of writing to pen friends.
If you haven't checked out the blogs belonging to Alexis and Abigail, I'd really recommend them. I've been totally charmed by the cuteness of their children Theo, Henry and Coco, and all their adventures in life. I also loving stealing lots of tips of places to check out in our area thanks to Abigail. So thanks for the blog love ladies x

To begin with, here are my answers to their questions. As there were 11 from each of them, I thought you might get a bit bored by answer number 21 so I've chosen my favourite ones ...

1. What family traditions do you have/want to carry on with your own family?
Growing up, I wouldn't say we had that many traditions as my Mum was pretty laid back, but the ones that spring to mind which I'll definitely keep for my own family are daft ones to do with Christmas - getting to eat crisps all day long on Christmas day (especially cheese tasters from M&S) and getting to open one present before bed on Christmas eve which were always new PJs. I'd like to start making B a personalised advent calendar once he understands Christmas a little more.

2. Favourite colour?
On the walls - green. On myself - I can't stop buying cream tops and navy dresses.

3. Describe your perfect weekend?
Being freelance, we don't really have 'weekends' in the normal sense. But a perfect day off would be waking on a Sunday to find it warm and sunny, eating a leisurely breakfast of pancakes with fruit and yoghurt whilst flicking through the Observer, jumping in the car and heading to the Shepton Mallet Flea Market where we'd eat greasy burgers from a van and pick up some bargains which we'd have to squish into the car by B's car seat. Then heading home to potter in the garden or the local park whilst a roast cooks in the oven. Putting B to bed and snuggling on the sofa watching Mad Men with a bit of dairy milk which has been kept cold in the fridge.

4. Camping or Boutique Hotel? 
Somewhere in the middle. Hotels make me feel a bit uncomfortable for the most part as I don't like being waited on. But also camping can be hideous if the weather is bad. I'm a self catering gal.

5. Have you done any good projects recently? 
I've been in a cushion making frenzy as they are one of my favourite things to sew - I'll get round to sharing a tutorial one day. But my favourite recent big project was finally recovering the Parker Knoll armchair that we bought for £25. from the Shepton Flea (which is on this Sunday btw).

6. Why did you decide to start a blog?
For a while I had two blogs on the go. The first was started to document my sewing output and my bargain second hand finds, then this blog was started as a reaction to the fact that I was expecting a boy and seeing so much hideous 'boys' stuff for sale in the world, I felt I needed to share the decent little boys things I found. Of course blogging is such a personal thing and takes on a bit of a life of its own so I recently merged the two.

7.What's your guilty pleasure?
Ikea. Love that place. I'd happily go every week. Sometimes I take B as a 'Rainy Day treat'!

8. If you could go anywhere in the world, for an unlimited amount of time, where would you go and how long would you go for?
We'd fly to New York then do a huge road/rail trip across America, taking the train down to New Orleans then hiring a Winnebago or Air Stream to drive us here, there and everywhere. It would last a good few months.

9. What's the best thing to do within a few minutes of your home?
I live 15 minutes walk from the very centre of Bath so we are over run with brilliant things to do nearby. But our favourites are pottering around our local parks (Henrietta Park and Sydney Gardens), walking along the canal, visiting the animals at Bath City Farm and seeing plays at The Egg Children's Theatre.

10. What's the one trait you would encourage most in your child?
Independence; being true to himself and to what will make him happy.

11. Favourite drink?
Non-Alcoholic - Fentimans do this amazing Rose Lemonade which isn't sold that widely but I was addicted to it whilst pregnant. Alcoholic - Give me a crisp dry white and I'm happy. Hot - coffee.

Next, I pass the blog love onto some of my favourite blogs. So I pass this on to:

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As it's late and I've run out of inspiration for the day, I'm going to pass the same questions from above onto these lovely ladies if they'd like to play along.

Blog love to all. Mrs B x


  1. I love this list of lovely answers : )
    I know I have said this before, but I love reading your blog, knowing that you are local - thanks for the heads up about Shepton Flea being on this Sunday. A friend recently told me about it, and as we are just about to move into our first house that we own, with no furniture, I thought the flea market could be a fun place to visit and pick up a bargain!

  2. Ooooo.... high five indeed! And fun to read...

  3. Ooh, thank you!
    Great answers, I'm with you on most of those and will happily play along : )
    Happy weekend x