Saturday, 11 May 2013


A little earlier in the year, we spent a handful of days at the Longleat Center Parcs with some wonderful friends from Bristol. So one new born, two toddlers, three couples and a baby bump (not mine!) piled into a woodland lodge with all the ridiculous amounts of stuff one needs to spend three nights away with a small child, and enjoyed good food, hearty strolls, and great company. B was delighted to hang out with one of his best mates C - a fantastic little fella who is a touch older than B so has been showing him the ropes to life since B was born. We got so many cute photos of the two toddlers together, that on our return home B and I created two matching storybooks all about our holiday - one for us to keep and one to post to C. Here's what we did ...
For each book, we used 8 photos (using Photobox to print out Instagram pictures). I got B to decorate two sheets of white card on both sides with paints and pens. Once dry, I printed out some little captions onto white paper, and then B helped me stick the photos and captions to the card with pritt stick. Finally, I used my sewing machine to make a line of stitches up the middle to bind the book together.


  1. So sweet... lovely way to record those special times

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  3. ahhh and what a special gift this was/is! we all LOVE it and Charlie proudly shows it to everyone when they go into his bedroom. What lucky people we are to have such awesome friends xx