Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Birthday DIY / 02

Like every two year old in the world (or at least I presume this to be the case), B has suddenly found a wholehearted love for ice cream. Often, when we ask him what he'd like to eat, a cheeky grin spreads across his face and he says "ice cream" with a giggle. In the tiny teasing moments we've had of summer, we've been making home made 99s to lick in the garden. His ice cream obsession suddenly reminded me of this little plastic play ice cream set that I bought in Ikea about three years ago. It was intended as a gift but got forgotten at the back of our present cupboard. So I decided to craft some little felt scoops of ice cream, complete with sprinkles, ready for B's birthday. 

Here's the underneath view, in case you ever fancy making your own balls of felt ice cream. You basically sew together one smaller circle to one larger circle using pins at regular intervals to keep them together, and stuffing them before completing the sewing.