Thursday, 16 May 2013

Birthday DIY / 01

In two weeks, my baby boy turns two. Two?! How did that happen? For his birthday this year, Mr Biddle and I are crafting him three gifts which I'll share with you as and when they get finished. We decided that with a little more time on our hands than this time last year, and with him at an age where he'll happily accept handmade gifts rather than choosing branded things at the toy shop, we'd seize the opportunity. So the first of our handmade gifts is ... ta da. A recovered mini pram.
B loves to push his own pram round the park and at toddler group, he often makes a beeline for the toy pushchairs. I'd been keeping my eye out for a cheap one from a charity shop for ages, so I was delighted when I found this doll's pram in our local Oxfam for the grand sum of £2.99. And even better, I swiftly ascertained that the naff 80s fabric seat was removable and could therefore be replaced.
Using the original seat as a pattern, I created a new one from a fat quarter of some Kokka Robot fabric that I'd had sitting in my stash for yonks. For the edging, I used some ribbon I'd got for an absolute bargain in a post-Christmas sale at the White Company.
Here's how it turned out ...
I think that B will love this to push his favourite cuddly toys to the park in ... who says prams are just for little girls?!


  1. Agree entirely, our young men need to cultivate their nurturing side.

  2. FANTASTIC Mrs B - I love it! and B will most certainly be the coolest male out there with his own pushchair! xx

  3. that's a terrific revamp. At the children's centre we go to all the children, girls and boys alike, love pushing the baby dolls around in the buggies. I'll look forward to seeing the rest of your little one's pressies x

  4. Love it! Prams are definitely not just for little girls - and prams with robot fabric are just brilliant!x

  5. So sweet! You have done a brilliant job.... and the red frame was such a find. Patch is six and he still requests Mummy makes for birthdays and Christmas, so hopefully you and Mr B have many years of making presents still!

    Oooo... and thank you again for bandana bib tutorial - come and see, I've made some more!