Sunday, 5 May 2013

A New Bed

So the time came for B to move out of his cot. We started to get the vibe from him that he was ready to make the transition and so seized the opportunity by taking a swift trip to Ikea and buying a 'big boy bed' with him. We'd spent the week building up to this, talking to him about the change.
We went for the mini version of a bed we already have in both king and queen size - we're like the bed part of Goldilocks and the Three Bears! It's called the Minnen and was an early birthday present from my Mum and Step-dad. We chose this one, not only because it looks so lovely, but also because it is extendable so will last him ages though isn't too big for him just yet (the mattress comes with add on parts too), and the little decorative struts at the side also act a kind of guard rail to stop him rolling out.
Once we got the bed home, B helped to dismantle his cot and construct his new bed. He was so blooming excited when it was finally up and covered with his duvet. And whilst the first three nights found him rather scared and unsettled at bedtime, he has got used to his new sleeping situation brilliantly and it's so cute to hear his little patter of feet coming to say good morning now that he can climb in and out by himself. Here's the bed in situ (and looking more well made than it will ever be again!).
Just in case you're wondering, the owl lampshade is the Gulort Shade from Ikea and is the bargain sum of £6. The poster of the Balloon Boy is by Ingela P. Arrhenius from The Pippa and Ike Show. The Dream Big Little One cushion is by the amazing Robin and Mould. And the Alain Gree print came from the Anorak Magazine shop. The bike fabric is a Sarah Jane for Michael Miller fabric and I bought the cot bed duvet and pillow inserts from Mothercare. I think everything else has come from second hand furniture shops and flea markets, or have been amazing gifts from friends.


  1. Love him 'helping' with his hammer! Looks lovely - as does the duvet cover you made! (Can I ask where the owly lampshade is from please, it's brilliant! Ta!)x

  2. Hi Helen, lovely to hear from you. The owl lampshade was another Ikea bargain - the shade is £6 from there. It's fab isn't it? And B loves loves owls so it was the perfect fit for his room! Enjoy all the lovely sun with your little one. Mrs B x

    1. Fab, thank you! I'm overdue an Ikea visit so will add 'rummaging in the lighting dept' to my list!x

  3. Such a sweet sunny room! And how exciting...

  4. Such a cute helpful child. It’s good that the bed has guard rails to help keep him from falling over. It’s a good thing it has a flat base and not the grill one. My kids find sleeping in those to be uncomfortable, especially if the mattress isn’t thick enough.

    Felipa @ The Mattress Department