Friday, 15 March 2013

Toddler Duvet

Our baby is not such a baby anymore, and we're starting to think about moving him out of his cot and into something more grown up. A proper single bed would swamp his little box room and we're not ready to move him into a bigger room yet. So we're planning to get a toddler bed, probably from good old Ikea, when he turns two this summer. But we didn't want to freak him with the change from sleeping bag with cot to bed with duvet and pillow. So we decided to do it in stages, and introduce a little duvet and pillow into his cot.
We got the actual duvet and pillow online from Mothercare (you have to search for 'cotbed duvet/pillow' to get the smaller sized ones). Then I looked at lots of different websites to find a duvet cover set that I liked. I didn't care much for the ones in the big retailers, and the ones I liked best were either Ikea or rather expensive ones from Etsy. And after searching for a while, wanting to find something that suited the colours in B's room and wasn't too 'boy' themed, I had a light bulb moment. I know, I'll raid my fabric stash and make my own.
Sifting through my two big boxes of fabric, I remembered I had a couple of metres of this gorgeous bicycle print by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller. It wasn't quite wide enough for the dimensions of the duvet so I pieced together two strips of stripes to break the pattern up a bit.
Please forgive the outdoor photos (and I should have ironed the cover before I photographed it!) but it doesn't look quite so good squished up in B's cot at the moment. There will probably be more photos of it in situ to follow once we get his toddler bed. And I urge you to have a go at making a duvet set - honestly, it's such a simple thing to sew. If I get round to it, I may even post instructions in due course!


  1. What a lovely duvet cover! I adore Sarah Jane fabrics - do you know of any shops that sell them, or did you purchase them on line? I'm contemplating buying some for a baby quilt.

  2. that's so lovely, i made a gingham one for George when he was little, as they were so expensive from places like the white company, but i've recently found h&m online do cot sized duvet covers too! kellyx

  3. Ooo I have some of the same fabric waiting to be made into a quilt for Patch! It has been waiting a while. Poor P was squished into his cotbed for years (it was a sizeable one) and had similar problem finding single size duvet covers that weren't horribly expensive. So I made one from the softest John Lewis red gingham and Patch had fun choosing a few fabrics for pillowcases. I thought I had found a great bobby bargain Their Nibs duvet set in TKMAXX... but it didn't fit. Somehow took longer to add a contrast trim to that tan it did to make one from scratch!

  4. I love that fabric - and how lucky B is to have mama-made bedding! I'll keep an eye out for a tutorial... x

  5. Love it. I so wish me and sewing machines had a better relationship!!