Saturday, 2 March 2013

Homemade Bandana Bibs

Two new babies to two sets of friends meant a need for little gifts, so I found some time one evening to run up some of my trusty bandana bibs as presents. I'd almost forgotten about that time of non-stop drool and then suddenly we have flashes of reminders. B's back teeth seem to be coming through and so we keep finding him with a hand wedged into his little mouth, and fingers all sticky and wet. If you fancy making some of these yourself, they are dead easy, quick, and I posted a little tutorial a while back.


  1. My homemade bandanas I have been told are indestructible, yours look pretty good too.

  2. A good reason to dust off the sewing machine and put my fabric scraps to use, slobber central round here at the moment... x

  3. Sweet fabrics! And a handy reminder that I really should be getting on with making these bibs for a friend's baby-thank you!