Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Easter

Since B became a toddler, I find that every festival or special day provides lots of inspiration for activities, crafts, baking, reading and watching, and I'm sure many parents out there feel the same. So this Easter, we've been getting into the spirit with various activities. As well as reading the Easter Story and popping along to a little children's service at church today, here's what we've been up to in the Biddle household.

Whilst at the park yesterday, we found some fantastic twigs. So inspired by a couple of Instagram feeds I follow, we brought a couple home to create an Easter tree. Last month, I'd found these polystyrene eggs in the pound shop so with a little glueing help from B, we made fabric covered eggs.
If you fancy making some of these, it's really simple. Paint a base layer of PVA glue, pop on your fabric scraps, then paint over the top of the material with more glue. I pushed dress makers pins into the top with the thread and then hung them on the twigs to dry/display (and couldn't resist the odd bit of washi tape on there too!).
More Easter crafting got underway to make a card for B's grandparents who we'll be visiting over the weekend in Cambridge. I cut out a chick shape and then let B get on with painting on the glue and sticking on torn scraps of tissue paper. A few bits of felt as finishing touches and we're sorted. 
One of my favourite childhood memories are the Easter Egg Hunts my Mum would set up for me and my sister. As we'll be away over the weekend, I carried on the tradition and set B his first ever treasure hunt to find his Easter basket. I found these little plastic eggs in the pound shop and filled them with photos of objects or places he knows around the house. Then all he had to do was identify the picture and head to that location for his next clue.
The clues finally led him to the cupboard under the stairs where the Easter bunnies were guarding these little Brio figures (which I'd picked up for next to nothing at TKMaxx).
Finally, if you're wanting to make some edible Easter nests, I can't recommend this recipe from the awesome Nigel Slater highly enough. It's so yummy that we've been creating test batches for weeks. Melt 50g of butter, 4tbsp of golden syrup and 100g chocolate together. Stir in 75g of rice crispies or cornflakes. Spoon into paper cases and pop in the fridge. We like to add about 50g of raisins too to give them a little more chewiness (and a hint of healthiness!) and of course you could pop little chicks or mini eggs on top for an Easter flourish. Yumyumyumyumyum. 
Have a lovely weekend. Happy Easter one and all. x


  1. You're such an awesome Mama, Amy. An inspiration xx

  2. Oh I do like the addition of washi tape! We only have a few halfhearted Easter decs this year as P rather poorly and sorry for himself. Poor boy. So far our holidays have been spent cuddling on the sofa, with me attempting to knit or crochet with a feverish P asleep on my lap... not easy