Friday, 8 March 2013


Yesterday was World Book Day which provided the perfect opportunity to try out a craft I'd pinned yonks ago using egg boxes. We love the book Wow! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood - a thoughtful gift from a close friend of mine who knows that B loves owls. It was also perfectly timed with his sudden interest in learning the names of colours.
The original project was in Small Magazine and involves cutting up the lid and base of egg boxes, painting/drawing/decorating them, and then sticking the eyes to the body. This craft is so easy, the results are really satisfying, and B likes the owls so much that he wanted one of them to sit next to him at lunch today!


  1. Such a sweet activity. And just love that jumper!

  2. These are brilliant and 'Wow said the owl' is our favourite book (not quite true: it's our best compromise. I want to read 'a little history of the world' he wants to read that bloody tractor book AGAIN. We're both happy to settle with Owl) xx