Saturday, 9 February 2013

Little Helper

One thing I find completely adorable about B at the moment is how helpful he likes to be around the house. I'm sure it's the same for most 20 month olds but it's so darn cute. He helps us unstack the dishwasher, specialising in the cutlery which he hands to us piece by piece, naming each one as it comes, "Poon, knyfe, fawk". 

When baking, he likes the occasional stir but then he's more than happy to stand at the sink 'washing up' for ages whilst I get the rest done. And despite owning a gorgeous dinosaur covered Cath Kidston apron from his Godmother, he always insists on wearing my tattered, vintage 60s floral apron instead!
B loves a washing machine. He loves to twiddle all the knobs and dials, and he places his forehead on the door whenever it is on a fast spin to feel the vibrations! And the concentration he shows when attempting to hang a sock carefully on the wash stand is adorable. Here he is, very proud of getting the spotty sock to stay on the rung.
You'll see that lurking in these photos are some Ecover Zero products which I was kindly sent by the nice people at Ecover to test out. It's ages since I bought anything by Ecover as I found in their early days, the washing up liquid just didn't get very soapy which was a bit useless. It's no good saving the planet if the product doesn't do what it's supposed to. But we've really loved the new products, especially the washing up liquid. It now works up a wonderful lather, cleans brilliantly, and best of all, it's great for Mr B's hands. He often suffers from eczema and he'd had to invest in a pair of marigolds to stop his hands getting really dry and sore. But since using the Ecover washing up liquid, the rubber gloves have been banished to the cupboard under the sink as it's been so super gentle on his hands. He even remarked 'you should blog about this' so that's high praise indeed!

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