Monday, 4 February 2013

Finger Puppets

It was the first birthday of B's little friend Phiney not long ago, and knowing that her Mama loves handmade presents (check out the utterly awesome gift Phiney's Mama and Papa crafted for her here) I ran up this little draw string bag out of nursery rhyme fabric in which to hold a new stash of finger puppets. Finger puppets are such a great gift for one year olds. B's lost interest in them for the moment but he was obsessed with them for ages. He kept popping them on his little fingers and making lots of animal sounds around his first birthday. Finger puppets are now one of my go to presents for one year olds. My other top favourite presents for one year olds are books (of course), tea sets and funky dinner plates (B got this one and this one for his first birthday). 
To go with Phiney's finger puppets, we gave her these Stella McCartney merino wool leggings which I found for a bobby bargain in the TK Maxx in Stoke. B got a couple of Stella bargains too - gotta love TK Maxx! We're just gutted that we missed Phiney's party which by the look of the pictures was ace and featured one mightily impressive cake. Happy Birthday little Phiney.