Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Family Theatre Festival

Here in Bath we are so incredibly lucky to have one of the best dedicated theatres for young people in the world on our doorstep. The Egg is part of the Theatre Royal Bath and opened about six years ago, offering performances and creative opportunities for children and young people from birth through to late teens. The Egg is one of the reasons we moved to Bath in the first place - I always thought that if a city could support such an amazing resource, it would be a place worth spending time in. The lovely cafe is always full to bursting with prams, toddlers and breast feeding mothers. The shows are always worth a look for their imagination and variety. And this week is the Family Theatre Festival.
We've seen three shows so far. On Sunday, I saw Prime - a thought provoking piece about bullying from the Netherlands. And today, the little one and I saw two fabulous shows. First up was The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Bootworks Theatre Company. Based on the story by Oliver Jeffers, one adult and one child sit in a little black booth whilst the company perform the tale using puppets and mask through three little windows. It's five minutes long and was one of the best ways to spend five minutes I can think of. We both loved it. Here's a little youtube clip about this utterly charming show.
The second show of the day was Sensacional where children aged 18months to 4years get dressed up in little white outfits and then explore a giant floor mat onto whilst colourful, moving images are projected onto the floor and onto them. It was a joy to watch this handful of tiny audience members exploring and making their own 'play'. B was a bit wary of this show at first but by the end, he was running across the mat with glee.
The play we're most looking forward to seeing at the festival is The Queen's Knickers, adapted from the picture book by Nicholas Allan by our very own Mr B with B's Godfather. Telling the story of the day the trunk containing all the Queen's knickers go missing, we can't wait to see what B's Daddy has been up to as we've heard all the weird and wonderful music he's been making in his little attic office. If you fancy seeing The Queen's Knickers, it's at London's South Bank Centre next week and then back to The Egg again in the week commencing 26th February.


  1. All sounds fab! We need to go to the egg more. Do you think phiney is too young to see The Queen's Knickers at the end of the month? Xx

  2. I can't believe I've never actually been to The Egg, it sounds amazing. We saw the Incredible Book Eating Boy when it was here in Bristol and I thought it was amazing! Sounds like you've had a fantastic week!

    1. You've got to get down to The Egg - it's awesome. Their Christmas shows are always excellent, and they have loads of good stuff on throughout the year. And the theatre itself is brilliantly designed by the architects Haworth Tomkins. It's like a miniature Royal Court for kids. xx

  3. Oooo, I remember sitting in the cafe at The Egg when we visited Bath and I was pregnant with Patch! Yum place. We love The Incredible Book Eating Boy, but sadly it doesn't appear to be travelling this way...