Friday, 15 June 2012


I cannot resist the baby Gap sale. (Actually, to be fair I can barely resist any sale). The moment I see those huge colourful 50% off signs go up, I'm in their like a shot, grabbing lovely, classic, bargainous items to store under the spare bed until B grows a bit bigger. I have three boxes under the spare bed. One holds clothes he's grown out of but haven't been vac packed yet, one is currently his 12-18 month clothes which are slowly being transferred into his room, and one is for clothes sized 18 months plus. Yes, I'm a bit of an organiser but it does mean that B's had lots of lovely clothes to wear, almost all bought in charity shops and sales saving us lots of money in the long run (or at least that's the theory!).

This week, the big red sign went up and I dashed into Bath's branch of Gap, coming out with these lovely things ... 1. classic cream knit cardigan / 2. Reversible comfy trousers / 3. Organic cotton vests with the cutest illustrations / 4. Short PJ all-in-one, just in case we ever see the sun again and it gets warm during the night


  1. Oh, I went in there on Wednesday and very nearly bought the lion vest for Phiney. I was good and only came away with a swimming costume for our holiday, but I could have bought so much more. The pretty printed rompers, swoon! xx

  2. When we lived in lived in the UK I also used to buy clothes in the sales and keep them until my son was old enough to wear them. Sadly the sales in South Africa aren't nearly as good :-(