Monday, 4 June 2012


It's been another crazy week in the Biddle household. I've been working 12 hour days in Lancaster and Mr B's still working in Darlington, so the little one has been hanging out with his childminder again before being spoilt rotten by his Gran and Grandad. And so, when he turned one on Friday, we decided to postpone birthday celebrations until the weekend when he'd have both his parent's full attention and we could celebrate the amazing year that has passed properly.
Our gorgeous little boy was very lucky and received many gorgeous gifts from his loved ones, The jewel in the crown has to be this little French ride-on fire engine from his Gran and Grandad which is beautifully sleek and vintage-styled ... I'm sure you'll be seeing lots more photos of this on the blog in the future.
As my one small nod towards the Jubilee festivities which have been taking place this weekend in the UK, I made a Victoria sponge as a birthday cake, accompanied by a massive jelly. When I was little my Mum never gave us a shop bought birthday cake so I fully intend to follow in her footsteps and so created a fruit laden cake for our fruit loving boy, with which he duly stuffed his face. Happy Birthday darling boy. x


  1. Happy Birthday beautiful Bertie, with huge amounts of love from Nell, Ben and Phiney x

    We have a present for you when you get back, although nothing could beat that blinkin' awesome fire truck. We hope you had the most beautiful of days and enjoyed that delicious looking cake - your Mama did good!

    See you all soon, hope you're having fun up North and aren't working too hard ;) xxxxx

  2. Happy Birthday gorgeous boy! We hope you have had a lovely birthday with your mama and papa and hope to see you soon to celebrate such an exciting first year! xxxx

  3. happy birthday to your little one! 1st june is a good date. lovely blog.

  4. happy birthday Bertie, I LOVE that fire engine! xx Hope you aren't working too boyfriend is from Darlington ; )

  5. Happy birthday! That cake looks delicious! x