Monday, 30 April 2012

Richard Scarry

On Thursday, I was late for a meeting in Bath. I was practically running into town but the charity shop gods were calling and before I knew it my feet had taken me into our local Oxfam. And for good reason ... not one, not two, but three Richard Scarry hard back books for a fiver, all in mint condition. I love his illustrations so much - each page is so full and packed with detail - and this little haul was definitely worth being a few minutes late for.


  1. When he's older, Bertie will be so chuffed the book features an Albert!

  2. My son LOVES Richard Scarry! His favourite is 'carstrucks' (Cars and Trucks and Things That Go) and will happily have me read it ALL the time. Mum however prefers to mix it up every now and then :-) x