Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Play that funky music

Howdy pop pickers. We're back from a lovely long weekend in Paris doing all the usual things - drinking lots of wine, eating plenty of cheese and fresh baguettes, walking for miles behind our new collapsible buggy, and missing our flight home so Little B spent a glorious five hours crawling around Charles de Gaulle airport like it was his very own gigantic playground.

Before we went away, Baby B's bestie, the Vintage Baby, turned one and as we were unable to make his party, we headed over seperately to celebrate. As a gift we got him some fabulous flashcards illustrated by Junzo Terada (and had to get some for Little B's forthcoming birthday too). But being the son of one so vintagey, we had to get him a vintage-inspired gift too and found these old records whilst hunting around charity shops.
At the centre of the Vintage Household is a retro record player, and an old suitcase filled with a small but quality selection of vinyl. Our two little boys were the cutest - when we popped these records on for a spin, the Vintage Baby danced by wiggling his hips from side to side, whilst our Little B started singing along (he loves to sing). They were like a little boy band. Here they are in their co-ordinating outfits.