Saturday, 28 April 2012

Little Bites

The subject of food and little ones can be a bit of a minefield can't it? I know when we started weaning Little B over five months ago (has he really been eating that long?) we had no idea where to start, which method to follow or what to do. So we tried to follow our instinct with him as much as possible and for the moment, he seems to eat pretty much whatever is put in front of him. Long may it continue ... fingers crossed! One big positive side effect of him learning to eat solid food is how much we all look forward to mealtimes. He's has a late routine, and we've both been working from home recently, which means we're all able to sit down and eat three meals a day together as a family. We take our time and enjoy each others company.

I've really enjoyed seeing what other mums cook up for their little ones by reading blogs like Bleubird Vintage's Bird Food posts. So I thought I'd share what we've been cooking up for Little B (and ourselves) over the last week or so in case it is of interest to any parents out there. Or, if this isn't of interest to you, this might be the most boring post ever written so please avert your eyes now.
Breakfasts are usually fruity porridge and marmite on toast. But on special days we have blueberry pancakes.
Asparagus and spring onion frittata
Our boy loves a stodgy ball - gnocchi with red pesto & broccoli
Butternut squash soup with fresh bread and cheddar cheese sticks
Leek risotto (it's a bit pink as there was chorizo in there for us)
Baby burger with potato wedges and courgette - he still finds chewing meat tricky
He loves courgettes - courgette and tomato pasta with torn mozzarella
Pudding is always lots of fruit plus the odd baby biscuit, fromage frais or homemade baby muffin


  1. Man, that all looks so good! Ben especially is so excited about Phiney starting solids. Think we'll go down the trusting our instincts route too. Xx

    Ps. Sooo lovely to see you guys the other day. I have house envy!! Xxx

  2. How old is your little one? My son is ten months now He loves to feed himself. He's much more picky than my first son. We actually don't live far from you. We live in Chew Valley. I was wondering if you could perhaps post some of the recipes like the baby burger and muffin? or link to where you got them! that would be great!

    1. Hey Sarah, He's just coming up for 11 months now. The recipes come from the best cook book I've ever bought which I've blogged about before ... The River Cottage Baby and Child Cookbook by Nikki Duffy. The burgers and muffins are in there, as are the frittata and lots of other things we make. It's truly brilliant. Don't you wish this horrible rain would stop - bring out he sunshine so we can enjoy the beauty of the South West. Mrs B x

    2. Thanks so much. Ordered it on Amazon as we speak! I must have missed that I only just stumbled on your blog last week. It's nice to have someone more local to follow most of my blogger friends are in the states. I do wish the sun would make an appearance. We do need the rain but everyday for a month has been a bit miserable. It's great how our sons are so close in age. Luke, My son was born on the tenth of June so they must be only days apart. Will be continuing to follow your blog as it is so cute! :) thanks for blogging! ~Sarah