Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cour Albert Premier

A few little photos to share from the eating & drinking marathon that was our trip to Paris last week - explanations of photos at the bottom. A lovely reader asked me if I had any tips for venturing to Paris with a ten month old baby. I think my top tips would be: 
a) take a nippy, light weight buggy. We got the Kato from Mamas and Papas and it wheeled round Paris like a dream. Plus it's a lovely mossy green colour so tres chic too! 
b) we must have visited five or six different restaurants - mostly hidden gems but one bang in tourist land too - and none had high chairs. Everyone was baby friendly and welcomed B in with open arms. But there was nowhere for him to sit (except at the airport - thank goodness as we missed our flight home!). So it's definitely worth taking some form of travel high chair. We got the Gro Chair Harness which was okay for under a tenner - B tended to slide around in it but it did us for whilst he ate.
c) a lovely place to visit is the Jardin des Plantes - it was filled with children and there's a little zoo in there too (although you can see some of the animals for free without having to go into the zoo itself).

one. Our boy by his sign, so much bigger than last time we took him to Paris. 
two & three. Pretty tiles and little boats for hire in the Jardin du Luxembourg.
four. The Gro chair harness in action during yet another session of eating.
five. Love locks on the Ponts des Arts.
six. My Liberty print Bensimons make a journey to their home nation, and are joined by some new plain white ones from Mono Prix.
seven, eight & nine. Pretty baby boy clothing for Baby B from Bout'chou at Mono Prix - the French get it so right for little boys don't they?


  1. french clothes for boys - every kind of right x

  2. We're planning a trip to Paris in the autumn..hopefully! We need to talk about baby-friendly places to go. Last time it was the 2 of us! Fancy a catch up next week? Any day but Thursday xx

  3. Thank you so much for the tips! I have the GRO chair on order for our trip in June xx