Friday, 10 February 2012

Play Date

Yesterday afternoon, four little babies came to our sitting room, to play with toys and roll around ... E the clapping one, T the red cheeked one, S the only female one, and my little B, the chubby, toothy one. Whilst the mummys tucked into coffee and cake (not made by me) the babies stuffed banana muffins into their mouths and the carpet (made by me from this recipe - highly recommended although I think I'll reduce the sugar content even more next time as the banana, vanilla and cinnamon make them sweet enough). Still on a sugar high, I had a delicious, rare evening out and whilst Mr B put the baby to bed, I took myself off to the Little Theatre Cinema to catch the NT Live broadcast of Travelling Light. Lovely day.


  1. what a fab party! nt cinema, I'm jealous...

    1. I know ... it was a delicious evening out. Have you come across NT Live at the cinema? Not sure where you are in the world but The National Theatre broadcasts live (or almost live depending on time differences) performances to cinemas around the world. So brilliant if you're not able to get into London to see shows there. Mrs B x