Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Lion and the Mouse

There's a famous poem called The Lion and Albert by Marriott Edgar (if you don't know it, google it as it's fab), and our little son shares his name with the eponymous Lancashire lad in the tale. So our home is slowly filling up with lion themed books, toys, art and nick nacks which is fine by us as they are all taking such interesting forms. Continuing the theme of Christmas parcels that got lost in the festive post and arrived a little later than December 25th, our little lad received this ace folktale doll from his oh-so-cool Godfather Mr Baird and wife who always have their finger on the pulse of what's hip.
From Zid Zid Kids, a store which specialises in handmade, modern toys for children, this double ended doll is inspired by Aesop's tale The Lion and the Mouse and the reversible skirt is made from one of a kind fabrics so no two dolls are the same. I love the embroidered details on the prettily coloured faces, and I look forward to reading little B this story when he's a bit bigger. And I have loved looking through all the gorgeous things on the Zid Zid Kids website. Such lovely stuff although unfortunately it all seems to be for sale in the USA so goodness knows where the Bairds tracked down this unique gift.

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