Friday, 13 January 2012

Stars at Night

It's a bit bonkers to think that this time next week, we'll live in a new house. Little B will never be able to remember the insides of the little terraced cottage in which he spent his first few months of life but as we're only moving round the corner, we'll be able to walk past the outside and tell him about bringing him home from the hospital. In our new house, there's an attic room with windows looking up to the stars. So when I saw this vintage print in the lovely Kickcan & Conkers shop, I couldn't resist treating our family Biddle to a little house warming present. I hope it will encourage Little B to look up into the night sky and dream big dreams.

It's so worth looking at the Kickcan & Conkers shop which is full to bursting with adorable vintage treasures, particularly for little ones. And the owner, Deborah Beau, has a gorgeous blog too which is a feast for vintage lovers eyes. We were delighted with our prettily wrapped parcel from France.
The little bunny rabbit is a battery operated night light - I've been eyeing up the ceramic version but they are pretty pricey. So when I saw this chap for £4.95 in Prey in Bath I couldn't resist it as one of the little fella's Christmas presents.