Monday, 9 January 2012

Site for Sore Eyes: On the First Day of Marriage

One of my favourite blog reads has to be On the First Day of Marriage, an adorable collection of the musings of Nell, a writer, crafter, bargain vintage hunter and very-soon-mummy-to-be who lives in ... Bath. Snap. I always love reading her posts, be it witnessing her ever growing bump (which could be a baby any day now), seeing her charity shop finds, looking at her lovely photography or hearing about the fun she has with her loving husband, family and friends.

One of the things I love about the blogosphere is meeting, reading about and being inspired by like-minded souls from all over the globe. So when I first discovered Nell's Bath based blog, I was super excited that I might actually be able to meet a blog buddy in person. And after some tentative emailing,  meet up we did, over hot drinks and Eccles cake and talked ourselves hoarse. What a lovely lass she is and Little B enjoyed his cuddles with her, despite her bump taking up lots of lap space! We wish her and the hubby much luck and joy with the arrival of their bubba, and look forward to being pram buddies very soon.

Nell and her Momma are also champion knitters. They whip up some seriously lovely vintage inspired wool creations which can be bought through Nell's etsy shop Happy Circus. Check out the awesome booties, and how utterly amazing are those multi-coloured leggings? (although Baby Biddle is too large to be able to buy him a pair!)
 NB: All photos in this post taken by Nell


  1. Wow knitting looks so hard and those little pants are gorgeous. You are lucky to meet a fellow blogger haha, I'm yet to find one over here!

  2. Ah, thanks Amy! What lovely things to write. It's been awesome meeting you two too and I did love those hugs with gorgeous Bertie the other day, dressed in his too cool for school outfit. Here's to plenty more coffee dates when the bub arrives xx