Sunday, 15 January 2012


As some of my dear readers will remember, when I was heavily pregnant, I went into a sewing frenzy to kill the time as I waited for the Little B Boy to arrive. One of the things I made was a pair of chocolate brown cord dungarees which I wrote about here. Back then, as our waiting game extended into ten long days over due, it seemed almost impossible there would ever be a baby big enough to fit them. And yet here he is, almost eight months old, and they fit him like a glove (and the retro styling  make him look slightly like he was born in 1973). I'm a mega proud momma to see him not only wearing one of my creations but also desperate to stand in them too!
Now on the other side of motherhood, the only problem with this lovely pattern (Burda Easy No. 9772) is that there is no opening on the inside leg so they have to be completely taken off for nappy changes. I'd definitely add a little extra allowance and a strip of snaps if I made them again. These dungarees fit so much better than the trousers from the same pattern which were so wide legged that I put them on him, laughed until I cried because he looked like a clown, then returned them to the bottom of the drawer, never to be seen again.