Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Doll Carrier

My gorgeous Goddaughter Miss B is a big fan of dolls. She's been looking after her favourite, Annabel, since she was little, swaddling, nursing and generally copying her mum, Mrs Masters, since the arrival of her little brother H. I'd been meaning to make her the bear carrier from Oliver + S: Little Things to Sew for a while, so I grabbed a couple of opportunities before Christmas to make her one as a festive gift. I used a Kokka fabric I'd had lurking in my fabric box for a while, combined with a pink polka dot and blue gingham.
As with all of the Oliver + S patterns I've tried so far, this came together easily and beautifully. I love the level of finish their patterns have and I always learn something new - in this case, how to properly line a pocket. The only thing that was a tad annoying about the pattern was that you needed to have the child to hand to position and sew on the final pieces of velcro. With Miss B living an hour and a half away and this being a gift, I had to guess and guessed wrong. But the straps were long enough to be able to tie them round her waist so she could use the carrier straight away. I love how it turned out and I know I would have loved one for my baby doll.
Here's the carrier modelled by my favourite childhood baby doll, and then by little Miss B & Annabel.


  1. Wow, beautiful job. I love the fabric choice.
    I am planning to make two of these for my twins very soon.

  2. Good night! Would you like to receive email pattern bear carrier. Dream make one for my little Yasmin. Thank you for your attention. nira.morais @ gmail.com

  3. can we buy this as a single pattern thanks.