Friday, 9 December 2011

A Plate to be Proud of

I have been itching to share with you one of the most fabulous christening gifts Baby B received from his talented Aunt Sally. I know I mention my sister a lot but she is blooming talented and so I feel the number of posts about her plethora of illustrations, crafts and art are warranted.

When we were little, Sally and I both had commemorative plates hanging in our bedrooms which marked the place, time and date of our births. Well, Sally had dug hers out and used it as the inspiration to create a brand new plate for our little lion. Featuring a very special illustration drawn just for him - on a circus theme to make his mummy chuffed too - we were blown away by yet another example of her awesome creativity. And what a fantastic new baby/christening gift eh? I'm sure she'd be happy to do commissions if you fancy having one created for any new little bubbas in your lives.

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