Saturday, 31 December 2011

Modern Maternity Patterns

I've just got back to wearing my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, and now that Baby B is a super eater of solid food he nurses pretty infrequently these days so I don't need to wear so much clothing with easy access to my front. So imagine how gutted I was to find this amazing new range of maternity & nursing clothes patterns via one of my favourite online sewing shops, Backstitch.

Created by Megan Neilsen, the range features dresses, tops and skirts, all suitable for pregnancy and nursing.
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Back when I was first pregnant and realised how dire so much maternity wear is, I scoured around for decent pregnancy patterns in the hope of making my own. But it was such slim pickings, with just the odd pattern that would have been okay if I'd wanted to look like Princess Di when she was expecting Prince William, circa 1982. So well done Ms Neilsen for creating this lovely range - I'll be buying if there's a second Baby Biddle in the future. And luckily she does one or two patterns suitable for non-maternity wear too like this lovely Darling Ranges dress.

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  1. Darn, too late for me too now! Hope you guys had a fab Christmas, we need to meet up soon although I think this little one may be arriving soon, so I'll let you know! Maybe you & the little msn would like to pop round to mine for a Cuppa one day next week? Hope you're well & Happy New Year!! Xxx

  2. Did you make any of the Megan Nielsen clothes from the patterns? I'd love to see more pictures of how they come out! Thanks!

    1. Hello hello. Unfortunately I only discovered the patterns after having our little one so I didn't get a chance to try them out. Gutted. But if there's a second Baby Biddle I'll definitely be having a go and promise to post the evidence. Mrs B x