Friday, 18 November 2011

A Flash Back

Last weekend, I strapped Baby B into his car seat and drove along the South coast to visit my friend, Mrs Flint, in Lewes. Lewes is a gorgeous little place and last weekend, the amazing shops were over run with Christmas shoppers. And in a corner of a charity shop, hidden amongst numerous copies of Thomas the Tank Engine, I spotted this book which sent my mind scuttering back to childhood in an instant.
In my childhood bedroom, in the Northern valley town of Darwen, I had a cabin bed. It was red and white, and underneath it had a desk and a wardrobe and a secret tunnel in which I hid sweets. Running along the top edge of this bed was a wall frieze featuring this exact set of Ladybird alphabet images. For years, I looked at these ever more tattered pictures, and seeing them again in this book was the strangest thing. I know each one so well. Of all the books I've found in charity shops, and I must have bought over 100 now, this is definitely the most exciting. And all that nostalgia and retro graphics for the grand sum of 30p!
Talking of alphabets, I also picked up this cute screen print for the wee fella's room at the Lewes Art & Craft fair. By the Type King, I thought it was a lovely piece for £4.50.


  1. I have a photo of this...I will send it to you!

  2. Fab book. We scored some great finds today in the Oxfam bookshop. Shame the awesome alphabet book was £20! Ha, I don't think so! xx