Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Baby Biddle's Baptism

On Sunday, after a hectic week of non-stop visits by grandparents, friends and family, Baby Biddle had his head wetting celebration. It was a truly lovely day filled with much love, and once again, me and Mr B felt so blessed to have such an amazing support network of fabulous people in our lives.

The wooden invites were created by our super talented friend Claire Williams whose company Etched can laser cut onto just about any material you like. She's also just created all the wooden decorations for the big Christmas tree in the town hall square in Manchester.
We had a little lunch celebration before the service with Grandparents and Godparents which gave me a great excuse to put my recent washi tape purchase into action on the place names.
The party after the service gave me an excellent excuse to dig out the table runners and bunting which I made for our wedding, and like at that happy event, we popped flowers into an assortment of jam jars.
In time honoured fashion, my Mother-in-law had frozen the top layer of our wedding cake (a masterpiece of her own making), which she defrosted and redecorated beautifully for the occasion.
And because you can never have enough cake, I baked a mountain of fairy cakes which we decorated in a family Biddle production line flurry of hundreds and thousands.

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