Friday, 28 October 2011

Let the Eating Commence

Next week, Baby Biddle will be five months old. FIVE MONTHS! Blooming heck, where has the time gone? So it's time to start thinking about weaning. The WHO recommend starting to wean at around 6 months, but we're planning to get cracking as a five month birthday celebration as he was born two weeks late and is currently a little chunkster who stares longingly at food and makes a grab for it whenever we take our eye off the ball!

The great weaning adventure seems as much a minefield as choosing which pram to buy, deciding on nappies and thinking about options for labour. There are so many opinions out there about when, what and how, we were feeling a little lost. That is until the Amazon Angel delivered this super book - The River Cottage Baby & Toddler Cookbook.
Written by food journalist Nikki Duffy, to call this just a cookbook is a huge understatement. It's the first food book I've ever read from cover to cover, and has really helped us to ascertain the best way to approach weaning for us and our wee one. The first half of the book covers all aspects of baby eating, starting with looking at breastfeeding vs formula, through to nutrition for little people, puree vs baby lead, what to do with seasonal gluts of fruit and veg, fussy eaters, and much much more. Then the second half is a collection of recipes in seasonal chapters - all look yummy for both baby and adult tastes, easy to make, things we actually might or already eat a version of, with helpful hints about how to change the recipe for different ages of children and whether they are freezer friendly. 
What I especially loved about this beautifully laid out book, was that whilst Ms Duffy obviously has her own views on the issue of food and children, based largely on experiences with her own children, she avoids being judgemental so it's easy to use the book to find your own way through and decide what will suit your own family. I'll be recommending this book to all my friends who have babies. Thank you Ms Duffy for helping us find our way.

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