Monday, 1 August 2011

Hello Children Everywhere

Before Cbeebies and the Disney Channel, children of the fifties and sixties would gather around the wireless to hear Uncle Mac announce "Hello Children Everywhere" and play a selection of records suitable for little ears. My Mum was one of those listeners. When we were little in the 80s, Mum bought a double cassette compilation of these songs which we would listen to on long car journeys. Favourite tracks for me and my sister were The Laughing Policeman and You're a Pink Toothbrush, I'm a Blue Toothbrush.

And now, you can buy the compilation on CD or online, so we've been playing the vocals of Shirley Temple, Max Bygraves and others to Baby Biddle. He finds it hilarious when I laugh along with the policeman! What I love about these songs is that they cover a variety of musical styles, are wonderfully vintage, tell funny stories, and aren't naff and patronising in the way many modern children's songs are. I highly recommend it - you can get it from amazon or itunes - under the titles For Children Everywhere and Hello Children Everywhere.


  1. We have this CD - or something very similar. I love all the old classics too and get such a buzz from hearing my kids singing along with songs from 'the olden days'... x

  2. What a helpful find! It's hard to find good kids music that isn't overly commercialised!