Monday, 27 June 2011

Roll Up, Roll Up

Hello. My name is Mrs Biddle and I'm a circus-aholic! I love the colours and the costumes and the characters. I love the music and the theatricals and the idea of a team of people working together, living together, erecting a tent and providing entertainment which is rough and ready and glamourous and dangerous and smells of saw dust. 

So I can't help myself buying circus themed things and so Baby Biddle's getting a fair share of them too. He was given this absolutely delightful little case by our good friend Miss Pine. It's adorable, we love it and we've filled it with the Little Lion's tummy time toys.

I'm a big fan of Ikea - I love nothing more than an hour or two there, imbibing Swedish meat balls before prowling the aisles in search of bargains. Circus is one of the new themes in their children's range and I picked up these colourful rattles for mere pennies.

Getting a little ahead of myself, I picked up this fabulous lunch box from Fred Aldous in Manchester. It'll be perfect for stashing full of baby rice cakes when the little one's moved onto solid food!

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