Thursday, 19 May 2011

My Own Kids Clothing Week Challenge Continues

Having made my first attempt at using a proper pattern, and having found it surprisingly easy, I decided to step things up a gear and attempt a much more complex pair of dungarees. Using the same Burda Easy pattern (No. 9772) as the little red trousers, I continued the corduroy theme with these little rompers for Baby Biddle.

As with the trousers, these won't fit him until he's about 6 months old but I was delighted at how professional looking they turned out. Using a pattern meant I learnt things about the construction of clothing, using interfacing, etc, which I wouldn't have been able to figure out myself.

The light weight brown cord came from Millie Moon in Frome, the illustrated ribbon from The Makery Emporium in Bath, and the vintage red buttons were 50p from a vintage shop on St Catherine's Hill in Frome which I can't remember the name of. I love how they were displayed on the back of a vintage playing card.

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  1. you are so talented! I visited Jo and Milo yesterday and saw some of your creations ; )
    good luck with the arrival of baby Biddle, can't wait to see photos of him surrounded in all the lovely handmade and thoughtfully-sourced things you have collected xx