Sunday, 1 May 2011

Car Boot Bargains

Like me, my sister is a bargain hunter extraordinaire. We share a deep desire to rummage and thrill at finding hidden treasures. Last weekend, at a car boot sale near where she lives, she picked up these delights for Baby Biddle.

The cutest little pair of grey, knitted booties. I love how they use an old fashioned craft in a contemporary style, and the little white pom poms make me think of the noses of puppets on Sesame Street!

This ABC train is fab. It might look like a primary coloured laptop case from the outside, but the real treat is when you unzip it. It has an entire menagerie of handmade animals inside - one for each letter of the alphabet. Some are hilarious - like a 'Numbat' for N. And we can't work out what the black snake under Q is meant to be.

The pieces are a little small for Baby Biddle to have in the near future so we'll be putting it away for when he's a little older. And how much did my bargain hunter sister pay for this toy? The grand sum of £1! That's my girl.

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