Monday, 16 May 2011

A Bright & Beautiful Baby Quilt: Part 1

Our Baby Boy is due on Saturday. Yes, this Saturday ... although I'd be delighted if he wanted to put in an appearance today. Mr Biddle and I are so looking forward to his arrival and can't wait to start the next step of our adventure. But for now, we must wait. And wait. And wait. And my goodness am I get getting bored and impatient. So I've been filling my time with various sewing projects.

I've decided to embark on the ambitious task of hand making a bright and beautiful hexagonal quilt for our Son. I was completely inspired by the vibrancy of this quilt on the Ungt Blod blog.

Image from
I'll definitely be trying pyramid quilting in the future. But I wanted to create a quilt by hand rather than at the machine, partly as it's for my little boy, but also as a lovely way to pass the time whilst I wait for him to arrive. So I'll be making Baby Biddle's quilt by hand piecing over paper hexagons.

So my first task yesterday was to cut out my fabric squares ...

I love this selection of fabrics. There's a mix of all sorts here - cuttings from old clothing I wore as a teenager, 30 year old fabrics from my own childhood nursery, florals and polka dots and fairy tale characters, material bought last week and material bought a decade ago.

Last night, curled up in front of the TV with Mr B, he cut out paper hexagons whilst I started to tack the fabric over them.

I want this to be a fairly large (and well padded) quilt to spread out across the living room floor. I imagine it's where Baby Biddle will learn to lift his own head and to roll and to begin his crawling. So I have calculated that I need somewhere in the region of 350 hexagons in total! So I'll be keeping you updated with my progress ... which if he decides to pop out soon, might not be for a while. Or if he's overdue, the fruits of this particular labour might be finished for you to see in in the next couple of weeks! Place your bets people.

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  1. I hope baby is late because this quilt needs to be made!!