Sunday, 22 May 2011

Baby Shoes

I bought the Meet Me At Mikes craft book a little while ago, partly for the Teeny-Tiny Goody Two Shoes tutorial. The little baby shoes, crafted from scraps of vintage napkins and embroidery looked so cute and I wanted to have a go myself.

I created two pairs ... a little cowboy themed set in brown, and I cut into my prized Cossack Girls Kokka print for the first time for the other pair.

I have to admit that after spending the rest of the week working with professional patterns, I was a bit disappointed with the level of finish of this project. The shoes do look mega cute, but I'm unhappy that there are raw edges on display on the inside, and I found the instructions quite tricky to follow. I ended up making quite a few changes to the process after creating the first shoe. But I think they will look very sweet on the chubby paws of Baby Biddle.

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  1. By far the coolest versions I have seen of these sort of shoes. No kidding.