Sunday, 24 April 2011

Vintage Clothkits Changing Bag

Check out what my Mum found in her loft ...

An original Clothkits changing bag which she made to use when I was born 30 years ago and subsequently used for my sister too. It also had a changing mat but that has been lost or thrown out.

I think the fabric and illustrations are fantastic. The use of reds and yellows and greens and purples - it's so bold and I love that it's non-gender specific. This would work for a little boy or girl.

I have such strong memories of this bag - I think mostly because my sister and I played with it long after we were toilet trained, as an accessory from our dressing up box for my dolls. 


  1. the cats are especially lovely, but the outside is fantastic!

  2. This is fabulous ... absolutely love it! Inside and out is wonderful! The colors are so brilliant and perfect for a baby to enjoy! Thanks for sharing - gave me some good ideas. Blessings!