Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Baby Blanket for Baby Biddle

We have been so touched to receive a number of homemade gifts for the little gentleman in my tummy, all of which I'll be sharing with you on this blog in due course.

Our dear friend Miss Mackie crafted this beautiful little blanket with her own fair hands. It's her first ever attempt at knitting and we were so moved by the love and effort poured into this creation. She's threaded ribbon through the edges and embroidered a little personalised label for the corner. What a star and Baby Biddle is so lucky to have such lovely, generous people looking forward to meeting him.

The blanket is being shown off by Sophie La Girafe - a squeaky teething toy made from natural rubber which has been made in France since 1961. Featured in the 80s classic film Three Men and a Baby, it's a lovely vintage-style toy which is also highly useful. I visited my friend's little boy, Master Carkeek, yesterday and he loves his Sophie. If you wanted to purchase one, they stock them in John Lewis amongst other places.

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