Sunday, 20 March 2011

Vintage Fabric Baby Balls

I'm about to enter my fourth and final week of working in Lancaster and I thought I'd share with you a little craft project I've been working on during my spare evenings, creating soft toys for Baby Biddle.

I'd seen a number of different ideas and tutorials online for making fabric baby balls using pentagon patchwork so I decided to have a go using a selection of vintage and contemporary fabrics. Here's how my first two attempts worked out.

The blue, small one, features my Paddington Bear vintage fabric, mixed in with spots and stripes, and a lovely Alice in Wonderland print from Kokka. The brown & red, medium one features retro camping fabric, a Wild West print found in a bargain bin at Abakhans, and the red house print I had in my nursery as a baby. I get my labels printed by Woven Labels UK.

I'm planning to make a large sized one soon too so perhaps I'll create some instructions to go with the photos so you too can make a set for little ones you know too. But if you're already familiar with piecing over paper, the basic jist is that you sew together two lots of 6 pentagons, which create two bowl shapes. Then sew these together leaving a small gap through which to stuff them before finishing off.

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  1. Instructions yes please!! These are so so so sweet.