Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A Month of Thrifting

My month long stay in Lancaster finished at the weekend and I thought I'd share with you all the bargains I found in charity shops across the Northern city for the imminent Baby Boy Biddle.

A stack of almost 40 books in brilliant condition - a mixture of classics (such as We're Going on a Bear Hunt and The Velveteen Rabbit) and ones I loved as a child (such as Postman Pat who I wanted marry age 3 and the illustrations of Richard Scarry). There are books by Dick Bruna and the Ahlbergs, Ladybird Books and Thomas the Tank Engine, and nursery rhymes to remind me and Mr B how they all go! And on average I don't think I spent more than a pound on any of them.

A small selection of toys including a beautiful vintage metal spinning top and Corgi double decker bus, none costing more than £1.50.

A veritable feast of baby clothes. This lot cost about £15 in total and features hand knitted cardigans, cute dungarees and items by Gap. Babies grow so fast that I've bought the bulk of Baby Biddle's wardrobe from charity shops so they are cheap at the same time as donating to a good cause and being environmentally friendly. (the hangers are from Ikea)

I was delighted to find a tub full of vintage alphabet blocks for the grand sum of £2.49. I'd been searching online for some of these at ridiculous prices so my face lit up when I uncovered these.

A selection of vintage disney books plus a Noddy one. I plan to use these to make Storybook Bunting from. They were less than a fiver for all four.

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