Monday, 28 March 2011

Happy Families

During my recent time up North, I took myself off for a lovely quiet potter around the town of Todmorden. On the Lancashire/Yorkshire border, next door to the more popular Hebden Bridge, Todmorden is well worth a stop for some great organic tea shops, a proper Northern outdoor & indoor market, a good number of charity shops and a couple of fab antique shops. Whilst in the latter I came across this complete set of vintage Happy Families cards.

I'd been searching for some vintage Happy Families cards for a while now and these were like a little ray of sunshine on a quite bleak and blustery day in the Calderdale valley. I love their description - "A diverting game for juveniles". 

The illustrations are so wonderfully grotesque - they could easily inspire a theatre design or children's book. I plan to frame them, perhaps in family groups, or they'd make great greetings cards too.

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  1. Haha We play a new version of Happy Families with the girls!
    In fact, we had a power cut here last friday night and let them stay up. We played Happy Families by candle/head torch light whilst eating fried jam butties. It was so old school and reminded me of when there was power cuts of Peregrine Drive when we were little :)
    P.s. Have you ever tried Fried Jam butties? I hadn't - Phil made them. It's a bit like making a toastie - butter on the outside, jam in the middle. YUMMY! xxx