Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Retro Ribbon

I love the word 'Ribbon'. Say it over and over again and it takes on a slightly surreal edge. It's like rickrack and binca and spools and bobbins - all these weird and wonderful words which I have to explain to Mr B, a whole new language for the land of the sewing box.

I just bought some of the most beautiful ribbon I've ever clapped eyes on from The Makery Emporium in Bath, which has just opened a shop on Northumberland Place to support its workshops on Walcot Street.

I can just imagine this illustrated linen ribbon edging a little child's cardigan or pair of dungarees. Isn't it utterly adorable? I love helium balloons - they are such a simple pleasure. Beautifully packaged too, it comes on the little wooden spool and in an orange candy striped bag.

Whilst in the Makery, I couldn't resist these little wooden buttons - I have a plan to sew them onto a pair of baby dungarees.

Buying children's ribbon got me thinking about when I was a little girl - my Mum used to import rolls of ribbon from overseas (like mother, like daughter), especially from a company that I think is still going called Offray in America.

I searched through my ribbon box and came across these retro ribbons which used to be tied into the once white blonde hair of me and my little sister.

When I was three, I watched and adored the ballet of Romeo and Juliet. So Mum created a pair of handmade ballet shoes for me from some pale pink satin and foam. This personalised ribbon would wind up and around my ankles whilst I pranced round the living room to the soundtrack on vinyl!

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