Monday, 14 February 2011

Retro Children's Fabrics

During recent rummages in charity shops, I came across these retro fabrics - perfect for crafting into items for a little boy.

He-Man & She-Ra from 1983. Oh how me and my sister loved She-Ra. Those gold boots and sword, with the cute white and gold outfit and headdress. She was kick-ass and yet had such style.

A very cute Paddington Bear print. I was talking to my Goddaughter about Paddington the other day. She asked why he was left at the station. A very good question from a child under the age of three, and I was stumped for an answer! Reading the official Paddington website, it turns out he was an orphan sent from darkest Peru by his Aunt Lucy when she went into a home for retired bears in Lima. She taught him to speak English, stowed him away on a ship's lifeboat, and put a label round his neck saying "Please look after this bear. Thank you". He was discovered by Mr & Mrs Brown and their children Jonathan & Judy, and taken home to live with them.

My sister also gave me this fabric which I've been coveting for ages. It is the Habitat wallpaper and fabric we had in our rooms as tiny children and she kept two pillow cases of it, of which one is now in my possession. I love the bright red colour and the house pattern - rather grown up compared to the twee illustrations on many children's furnishings these days. I think we might use it as inspiration for Baby Biddle's nursery decoration. I love the idea of using bold red for a little boy instead of acres of baby blue.


  1. hi, im after the he man material as i have a pillow from when i was young that i want to re-cover for my new son.
    i've looked and looked but cant find it and i noticed you do. can i possibly buy it from you?
    email me on

  2. Do you still have any He-Man fabric? Looking for it for my 3 yr. old son. Believe it or not he loves the old he-man cartoons (on DVD) and I want to do his room in a He-Man theme for Christmas. If you still have fabric please e-mail me at