Monday, 31 January 2011

Vintage Nappy Bags

Nappy bags ... it's a minefield out there people. This piece of luggage may hang from your pram for many, many months and yet so many out there remind me of naff early 90s P.E. bags before the arrival of Cath Kidston and the Top Shop revamp.

I've been looking out for changing bags with the following criteria:
  1. Funky, ideally vintage inspired print
  2. Not too girly - Mr B might be a proud metrosexual but I think it's unfair to force him to carry around a floral print when I'm not there
  3. Not too bulky
  4. Ideally waterproof and wipe clean. Having just read Maggie O'Farrell's description of a poo disaster in The Hand That First Held Mine, I think wipe clean is a must!
  5. Not too expensive
Here's what I found.

Of course, there's always good old Cath K with her lovely prints, plus her products are very well made. A bit bulky for me though and it seems every other new mum in Bath has one of her bags so don't want to get confused and end up wheeling home the wrong baby. Her bags are all around £60 but perhaps a little too girly for funky fathers out there.
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Definitely worth checking out is the website Angels with Dirty Faces which makes lots of different baby and child accessories in an array of funky, vintage-inspired fabrics. 

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 Their changing bags are £60 and made from water resistant oil cloth.

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The company also makes Angels Changers which are fold up changing mats with handled and pockets - a much less bulky alternative to nappy bags and only £24. And they also sell terry towelling changing mats at £12 which you could easily pop into a normal bag instead of buying a specialised nappy bag. (If you like the fabrics used by Angels with Dirty Faces, many can be bought from Fabric Inspirations)
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Looking through Etsy, I spied this gorgeous changing mat and pouch from Little Pigeon Crafts in Portland, Oregon. This is $36 plus $9 postage to the UK which is a bargain compared with some of the UK ones. I love the Japanese Echino fabric (I have the blue version with helicopters on in my fabric pile - you can buy this fabric from Seam Star).

Image from Little Pigeon Crafts
For any new parents who grew up in the 1980s, here's a nappy bag which will appeal to you - and I think young dads would be particularly happy to carry this around. It's made by Heiress Apparent on Folksy and is £65. Just the names Fragglerock and Rainbow Brite take me straight back to being 5!

Image from Heiress Apparent on Folksy
All this talk of fabulous fabric might have stoked your appetite to make your own nappy bag - there's a lovely pattern by Amy Butler for a diaper bag, changing mat and storage case which looks simple enough and means you can go wild with your choice of fabrics. You can buy this pattern at Backstitch.

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So which nappy bag have Mr B and I ended up with? In the January sales I stumbled across this one, in Paperchase of all places! It was reduced to the minute sum of £17.50 and I adore the retro alphabet illustrations. It's not at all bulky, it's wipe clean, Mr B is happy to carry it around and it includes a changing mat too. What a bobby bargain.

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  1. what a great find, i love that print too, i always got by without a nappy bag, having brought a boden one then sent it back as it was horrid, the children grew before i got a chance to find another one i liked,